WBA News & Announcements

2015 State Championship Rules01/18/15

The format for the 2015 State Championship is changing in the following ways:

The tournament will take place over two consecutive nights - Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16, 2015

Special Rules for the State Championship
Teams seeking to qualify as state champions will need to shoot both nights. The entry form will have a checkbox for teams to elect to be in the state championship format.

On Friday night teams will draw numbers to determine their starting order and lake they will shoot on for that night. Teams drawing an odd number will shoot on one lake and teams drawing an even number will shoot the other lake.

On Saturday night teams will switch lakes and the take-off order will reverse.

Total numbers teams - the quantity of fish taken on both nights will be added together and the team with the most fish overall will be crowned State Champion

Big 30 teams - the total weights of the 30 qualifying fish from each night will be added together and the team with the heaviest weight will be crowned State Champion

In the case of a tie - the team with the largest overall fish will win the tiebreaker in either category.

Special Rules for the Lake Tournaments
Teams that do not wish to fish for the state championship, but still want to compete for cash prizes:

Teams shooting on Friday night only will be able to choose either lake. The same applies to teams that are shooting Saturday night only.

Teams will not be allowed to join the race for the State Championship after registration on Friday night.

There will be 4 separate payouts handled on Sunday morning following the finish of the Saturday night tournament. Fish taken from one body of water will qualify for cash prizes irrespective of which night they were caught.

Total Numbers from Petenwell - Cash Payouts for places 1-5
Total Numbers from Castlerock - Cash Payouts for places 1-5
Big 30 from Petenwell - Cash Payouts for places 1-5
Big 30 from Castlerock - Cash Payouts for places 1-5

The Overall Big Fish and Wildcard formats for each lake will also be paid out on Sunday morning.

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes01/18/15

The meeting was called to attendance at approximately 12:30 PM with 31 members in attendance.

Tony opened the meeting asking if any officers were planning to step down, or if there were any challenges to officer/regional rep positions - there were none.

Next year Paul Stapelmann is planning to step down from the Treasurer position. The plan is to combine the Secretary and Treasurer positions under current secretary Pete Gregoire.

There were not any updates on the legalization of catfish species. It was recommended that the Secretary contact Chris Cass to discuss any current efforts underway and seek guidance on how to best move this forward.

2015 Tournament Schedule

April 25 - Mud and Chub
May 15-16 - Castlerock and Petenwell 2-day State Championship (special rules apply - see dedicated topic in the forums)
May 31 - Green Bay
June 27 - Mississippi River Pools 5,6, and 7 - Minnesota Border Battle

Points earned stay in the category the team shoots in and one Team of the Year in each format
Team of the Year points will be awarded based on the category the team shoots in for that tournament. For example, if a team shoots in Big 30, any points earned for that tournament will only apply towards the Big 30 Team of the Year award. This also applies to the 10 points each team earns for entering the tournament. There will now be a Team of the Year award for both the Total Numbers team with the most points and the Big 30 team with the most points.

4 Man Teams
Teams can now shoot with up to 4 adult shooters. The 4th shooter would pay full entry fees unless the shooter is 16 years or younger.

Big Fish Awards
The minimum requirements posted on the website will be removed and WBA members can feel free to submit any fish they desire. All rules regarding submitting the entry form, having a witness sign, and taking a picture of the weight on an accurate scale all still apply.

Team Rosters
Team Rosters with up to 4 team members will be required to qualify for Team of the Year consideration. The boat's captain will need to be identified on the roster. During a tournament a minimum of 2 team members from the roster need to shoot for the captain's team to qualify for tournament points. Alternate shooters, not on the roster, can make up the remaining 2 spots at any given tournament.

Tony presented his special awards to members for their antics over the 2014 season, including oil absorbent rags for Beaver, a memory card for Luke Gerke to record his unconfirmed WBA records, a tree stand harness to keep Jeb around a little while longer, and some cleaning products for Brice's waders that were used as a fish transportation device.

Brandon Cole presented the Big Fish Awards for 2014 - Members in attendance earning an award received a WBA t-shirt

The WBA will donate $1000 to the BAA World Championships coming to the Mississippi River on July 25

The WBA will donate a bow to the AMS Big 30 on June 6 - Tony will work with Tater to determine which bow to donate.

All tournaments will be submitted to the BAA for sanctioning, allowing BAA members to earn points in that series, as well as allowing the WBA to utilize the BAA's insurance.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.

2015 Annual Meeting01/01/15

Happy New Year!

Our Annual Meeting will be held at the Roche-A-Cri Bowmen Clubhouse on January 17, 2015 from 12-4pm. Reminders were sent out to all current members in mid-December.

Address: 2021 14th Drive, Friendship, WI 53934

Here are some of the items that will be discussed during the meeting:
Tournament dates for 2015 (proposed):
Mud and Chub - April 25
State Championship - Castle Rock and Petenwell (Combined format - 2-day shoot, Friday and Saturday nights) - May 15 and 16.
Green Bay - May 31
Mississippi River - Trempeleau, Pools 6 and 7 - June 27 (Border Battle)

All WBA tournaments will be sanctioned through the BAA for 2015.

Team of the Year
A recommendation to split the format into having a Team of the Year for both formats (Numbers and Big 30). Points earned at each tournament will only apply to the format you decided to fish for that tournament.

Each team entering a tournament will receive 10 points. If the team places 5th to 1st they will receive additional points based on the following schedule:

1st - 50 points (60 points overall)
2nd - 40 points (50 points overall)
3rd - 30 points (40 points overall)
4th - 20 points (30 points overall)
5th - 10 points (20 points overall)
6th to last -10 points

Big Fish winner - 15 points
Wild Card Winner - 15 points

Payout structure of cash prizes will remain the same as a percentage of entrant fees.

Remove restrictions on Big Fish Awards
To simplify the process for submitting your big fish for recognition, the club will remove the restrictions for minimum weights from the website. Contact Brandon Cole for more information; http://wibfa.com/tournaments/bigfish

4 shooters per boat
There will be a vote to allow a 4th adult shooter to be a part of the team and shoot the tournaments. Current provisions allow for a young adult, 16 years or younger, to shoot as a fourth member of the team.

WBA support of BAA World Championship
Matt Harris will be presenting a recommendation for the club for donations to help support the event and make this one of the best shoots of the season.

2015 BAA Worlds Info - July 2512/07/14

Fantastic news for bowfishermen all across the upper Midwest, our bid was successful and the BAA Worlds shoot is coming to Wisconsin. Here are the details provided by Tournament Director Matt Harris:

The tournament boundaries are as follows: All public waters with public access in the following counties: Lacrosse, Vernon, Crawford and Grant. This includes the Mississippi river pools 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, up to the Railroad tracks on the west side of the river, plus the WI river from the Mississippi river to highway 61 near Boscobel. Per WDNR regulations no shooting is allowed in trout streams. There will also be a few other red zones listed at a later date.

The tournament send-off and weigh in is expected to happen at the Cabelas on Hwy 35 just north of Prairie du Chien. For more information about the tournament, including rules, please visit the BAA website, [url]http://www.bowfishingassociation.com[/url]

We are currently working on donations for the shoot. If anyone is interested in donating money or door prizes please contact me at carpmjh@yahoo.com. We look forward to making this an enjoyable shoot for all that are able to attend.