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2017 Annual meeting11/26/16

Hello All,

Well it is that time of year again, time for the Annual meeting! This year our sponsor Whale Tales Archery have offered us the use of their archery range to hold our meeting. The meeting will be held on Saturday, January 14th at Whale-Tales Archery, 109 N Main St, Dousman, WI 53118 from Noon till 4pm. Whale tales will have beer and soda along with frozen pizza's available. They also have a large selection of bowfishing equipment and an archery range if you want to bring your bows for a little friendly competition after the meeting.

Possible meeting topics listed below:

Tournament waters and dates
State championship location and date
Tournament formats
Legislation update
Elections, We are looking for a new secretary and treasurer since Pete has moved to Missouri
Add an amateur division with a lower cost of entry to encourage newcomers to participate in our tournaments
Keep the registration the same allowing teams to make the decisions on the water as to what format they want to shoot, either numbers or big 30. However the next morning by 6:15 teams must declare what format they will weigh into.

We are always looking to improve the club and benefits to being a member of our club so if you have any other topics please feel free to comment in this thread so we can document them for the meeting.

2016 Team of the Year Rosters04/22/16

This will be the official thread for Team of the Year team rosters. Please limit posts to the following:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Team Members (limit 3, plus Captain):

Please remember that to qualify for Team of the Year points, at least 2 members from the official roster need to shooting on the captain's boat. If there are any discrepancies please seek out a WBA officer for an official ruling.

Tournament Rules - 201601/26/16

Here are the updated rules based on changes voted on at the annual meeting for 2016 tournaments:

Tournament Hours
Nighttime tournaments will begin at 8 PM on Saturday and end at 6 AM on Sunday morning unless otherwise notified. Daytime tournaments will begin at the tournament director’s discretion.

[*] Registration fees are $120.00 per team and teams can shoot in both classes. No team will be allowed to participate until a registration fee is paid.
[*] 1 to 4 person teams only.
[*] Non-WBA members will be required to pay a $15.00 per shooter operating fee on top of the normal entry fee.
[*] When arriving at the tournament PLEASE REGISTER as soon as possible.
[*] Release forms must be signed and on record for each participant of a tournament.
[*] Registration will close 15 minutes prior to the tournament starting.

The awards for tournaments will be presented at an awards ceremony as soon as possible after the check in at 6AM. Awards will be given according to the following WBA payout schedule:
[*] Equal payouts for each place for both categories, Numbers and Big 30 –
20 or more boats: 1st - 15%; 2nd - 10%; 3rd - 7%; 4th - 5%; 5th - 4%; Big fish - 6.5%; Wildcard - 6.5%; WBA - 5%.
10 to 19 boats: 1st - 25%; 2nd - 10%; Big fish - 10%; Wildcard - 10%; WBA - 10%.
2 to 9 boats: 1st - 30%; Big fish - 15%; Wildcard - 15%; WBA - 10%.
[*] All percentages based on 100% of entry fees - the WBA percentage goes to fund promotions for bowfishing. If a Wildcard fish is also the biggest overall fish, it wins only the Wildcard prize. The next biggest fish then wins the Big Fish prize.

[*] Teams may weigh and count for both categories if they choose. However, teams are only eligible to win one prize between the Big 30 and Numbers categories and will be awarded the prize for their highest finish.
[*] If a team finishes in the same place in both categories, a coin flip will determine which prize they win. The next highest ranked team in the category wins the vacated prize.

Winners in the Numbers Category are determined by the total number of legal rough fish shot by each team.

Big 30
Winners in the Big 30 category will be determined by the total weight of up to 30 fish, of which only 20 can be carp and buffalo. Please have your fish sorted and ready to be weighed before getting to the scales. A team’s biggest overall fish will break ties. Teams are responsible for choosing and having their biggest fish weighed.

Big Fish/Wild Card
Teams may win one, or both, of the Big Fish and Wildcard prizes.

Team of the Year
Teams will be awarded points for where they place in each category (no matter which prizes they win) for Team of the Year purposes.
[*] Teams must submit a roster prior to the start of the 2nd tournament of the year with the names of up to 4 team members.
[*] To qualify for points, a team must have at least 2 members from the roster on the boat for each tournament
[*] Points will be awarded based on the place the team finishes during the tournament:
o 1st Place – 50 points
o 2nd Place – 40 points
o 3rd Place – 30 points
o 4th Place – 20 points
o 5th Place – 10 points
o Big Fish – 15 points
o Wildcard – 15 points
o Tournament Participation – 10 points
[*] Teams can now gain points in each category during the same tournament depending on their finish and can qualify to win Team of the Year in both categories.
[*] Only WBA sanctioned events qualify for points

A penalty of one fish, or 10lbs. per minute, will be assessed to any team returning late, for up to 15 minutes, after 6 AM. After 15 minutes, any teams not reported in will be disqualified. Penalty fish will be removed by the penalized team. NO grace period will be extended in the Big Fish Pot. Late teams are disqualified from Big Fish Pots.

General Rules
[*] Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is running faster than no wake.
[*] No shooting on tournament waters 24 hours prior to the start of any tournament.
[*] No baiting or chumming of fish.
[*] Fish entries must be taken with a bow: compound, recurve, crossbow, or long bow and single point arrow only.
[*] No field points, arrows with explosives, or other shocking devices will be allowed.
[*] All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval. This line must be attached to a reel on the bow.
[*] No snares, no dip nets, and no gigs will be allowed in boats. Gaff hooks with single hook may be used for landing big fish.
[*] All airboats or fan motors must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blade.
[*] Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in boats during tournament hours.
[*] All fish barrels should be labeled with owner's name and phone number.
[*] Identification of persons participating is required upon request.
[*] All contestants must leave with their boat from the tournament site at sendoff. Wade fishing (leaving the confines of the boat) is legal. Trailering to another public launch on the sanctioned water body(s) is allowed.
[*] Each team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that boat must be inspected before leaving the tournament site.
[*] No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Teams will stay a minimum of 25 yards away from other teams whenever possible.
[*] All participants must check-out upon leaving the tournament. If leaving early, please leave number plaque in the designated place at the launch site, or specified vehicle stated during the tournament meeting.
[*] It is the responsibility of tournament participants to know and obey state and local fish, game and boating laws. Any DNR or Vehicle violations issued while taking part in the tournament will result in tournament disqualification.
[*] Suspected transferring of fish between teams will result in disqualification of all teams involved. At no time should one team’s fish be placed in another team’s boat.

Disqualification Procedure:
1) Bring to attention of tournament director.
2) Go in front of board (consisting of WBA officers/representatives) with proof of the infraction.
3) A formal protest fee in the amount of $50.00 must be made to officials and posted prior to the awards ceremony. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest stands.
? Cheating will result in expulsion from the club for WBA members. Proof must be indisputable.
? Failure to comply with tournament rules will result in disqualification and entry fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
? The decision of tournament officials will be FINAL.

Tournament Directors
[*] Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for accidents, or lost property.
[*] Tournament boundaries will be determined by the tournament director. Tournament director will designate floats to mark NO WAKE ZONES at tournaments where safety is a concern.

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes01/17/16

The meeting kicked off at 12pm on Saturday, Jan 16 with 60 members in attendance. :D

1. A quick update was given on the progress with legalizing catfish. Chris Cass is not having much luck pushing this agenda through his local Senator. He will be approaching the Chair of the Natural Resources Committee next to see if he can gain traction.

The group also brought up that sections of the Mississippi River do not have the same regulations regarding rough fish season dates as the rest of the state. They would like to have this brought up to the groups that set season dates and try to have this changed.

2. Our website administrator is working to make tournament results and points standings easier to view on the website. He will be working with the officers to create a process that is easier to use and update after each tournament.

Additionally, he will be linking our Facebook page and Website so that posts on the Facebook page show up on the website.

3. Team of the Year Awards were issued. All winners received WBA logo jackets with embroidery stating Team of the Year and the category (Numbers/Big 30).

Big 30 Team of the Year - Luke Gerke, Brice Draeger, John Huebl
Numbers Team of the Year - Matt Smazal, Dan Luther, Dane Luther, Tyson Warner

4. Big Fish awards for the year were issued. These fish were submitted by members with proof of the catch, either by weighing them in at a tournament, or by verification through photographic evidence and confirmation by an officer of the WBA. Forms for Big Fish submission can be found on the website here [url]http://wibfa.com/tournaments/bigfish[/url].

Bowfin (Dogfish) - 10# 7 oz. - Luke Gerke
Buffalo - 68# 15 oz. - Tony Waltemath
Common Carp - 43# 2 oz. - Bill Hoyt
Sucker - 8# 6 oz. -Joe Dushek
Drum (Sheepshead) - 25# 7 oz. - Matt Kirschbaum
Quillback Carpsucker - 10# 4 oz. - Dan Luther
Longnose Gar - 12# 4 oz. - John Waltemath
Shortnose Gar - 2# 10 oz. - Jason Cichy

5. A proposal for altering our tournament registration format was submitted by member Matt Harris. After some clarifying questions and discussion it was voted on and passed with a majority vote. Here are the highlights:

[*] Teams registration fees will be $120 per tournament - this total covers entry into both Numbers and Big 30, as well as Big Fish and Wild Card side pots. For members of the club this is an all-inclusive price. Nonmembers are still required to pay an operating fee.

[*] Teams that place in both categories will receive the prize for the highest finish in only one category. If they were to place the same in both categories, a coin flip will determine which category they receive the prize money in. Points however, will be awarded in each category for the place the team finished.

[*] There will still be awards for Team of the Year in both categories, and it is possible for a team to win for both categories.

[*] If a wild card fish is caught that is also the winner of the big fish award, the prize will go to the wild card. A single fish can only win one prize.

6. An additional motion was made by Matt Harris to raise the non-member operating fee for fish disposal from $10 to $15. The motion was voted on and passed. Non-members entering tournaments will have to pay $15 per non-member on top of the $120 registration fee for fish disposal costs. Participants 17 and under are exempt from this fee. As a reminder, a new club member only pays $20 in their first year of membership.

7. A recommendation was made to create a chart identifying how money is allocated from the WBA budget. Pete Gregoire will create a chart showing the distributions.

8. The format for the Castle Rock/Petenwell tournament was discussed and voted on. Majority votes changed the format to a 1-night event where both lakes and sections of the river below Castle Rock will be fishable waters for the tournament.

This shoot will be the 2016 State Shoot and will take place on May 14, 2016

9. The group voted to Sanction all WBA tournaments with the BAA in 2016. The cost of this provides insurance for our tournaments and inclusion in BAA points events for Bowfisher and Team of the year recognition. In 2016, membership in the BAA should be free - don't forget to sign up! [url]http://www.bowfishingassociation.com/join-today-with-bba/[/url]

10. It was recommended that additional attention be paid by the WBA to promote our sponsors during our tournaments. One suggestion was to have the raffle drawings for donated prizes at the beginning of the tournament before teams take-off.

11. The new position of Promotions Director was created to help bring attention to our tournaments. This position will be filled by Justin Wilke. He will work to create a committee that promotes the WBA, our tournaments, enhances our Social Media presence, brings in new sponsorships, and recognizes our existing sponsorships. If you are interested in taking part in this committee, please reach out to Justin at (920) 250-3661 or [url]carpzillacharters@gmail.com[/url].

12. Matt Harris recommended that the WBA become a supporting member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. For $155 per year they will help support our agenda and give extra visibility to our efforts to promote and expand our bowfishing opportunities throughout the state. This was voted on and approved.

13. Tournaments Dates for 2016

April 30 - Mud and Chub
May 14 - Castle Rock/Petenwell Combined Shoot - State Championship
June 4 - Green Bay
June 11 - Mississippi River - Pools 4, 5, 5a (Minnesota Border Battle)
July 30 - Mississippi River - Pools 8, 9, 10

14. Bowfishing Etiquette was discussed. A number of topics were covered including fish dumping, noise and lights, fishing all night in populated areas, fishing too close to houses, etc...

The group will create a Forum Topic and link it to Facebook - How do you dispose of your fish?. It would be greatly appreciated if all members take the time to comment and share this information to give new fishermen options for their own fish disposal before starting in the sport. Fish dumping is a major problem across the country and the WBA would like to be a leader in education and prevention. Matt Schillinger from AMS Bowfishing is willing to support the WBA in this effort by helping to create and distribute signs at popular boat launches.

15. Election of Officers

Regional Representatives
[*] Region 1 - Luke Gerke (new)
[*] Region 2 - Brice Draeger (no change)
[*] Region 3 - Justin Wilke (new)
[*] Region 4 - Travis Gill (no change)
[*] Region 5 - Brett Stapelmann (no change)
[*] Region 6 - Erik Joost (new)
[*] Region 7 (Iowa) - Leigh Ruff (new)
[*] Region 8 (Minnesota) - Dave Wilhelmson (no change)

Secretary/Treasurer - Pete Gregoire
Vice President - Paul Stapelmann (succeeding Nate Bula)
President - Jeb Verhalen (succeeding Tony Waltemath)

16. To close out the meeting we acknowledged the support of our sponsors. Specifically Fred Christian of F&D Archery and Mathew Schillinger of AMS Bowfishing, for their attendance and support at our tournaments and events. Fred has donated merchandise and bows to many of our shoots over the years. Matt has also donated merchandise and provided discounts on AMS products at our shoots as well as supporting us at the Madison Fishing Expo.

Lastly, all officers were thanked for their time and support of the WBA.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 3pm

Remember - Annual memberships expire as of 12/31/2015. Renew your membership today by visiting our website, or at one of our upcoming events or tournaments.