WBA News & Announcements

2015 BAA Worlds Info - July 2512/07/14

Fantastic news for bowfishermen all across the upper Midwest, our bid was successful and the BAA Worlds shoot is coming to Wisconsin. Here are the details provided by Tournament Director Matt Harris:

The tournament boundaries are as follows: All public waters with public access in the following counties: Lacrosse, Vernon, Crawford and Grant. This includes the Mississippi river pools 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, up to the Railroad tracks on the west side of the river, plus the WI river from the Mississippi river to highway 61 near Boscobel. Per WDNR regulations no shooting is allowed in trout streams. There will also be a few other red zones listed at a later date.

The tournament send-off and weigh in is expected to happen at the Cabelas on Hwy 35 just north of Prairie du Chien. For more information about the tournament, including rules, please visit the BAA website, [url]http://www.bowfishingassociation.com[/url]

We are currently working on donations for the shoot. If anyone is interested in donating money or door prizes please contact me at carpmjh@yahoo.com. We look forward to making this an enjoyable shoot for all that are able to attend.

12/6 Officers Meeting12/03/14

WBA officers and reps will be having a get together Saturday morning. this is basically a pre-meeting before the big annual meeting to allow for an exchange of information and ideas. If you have any ideas or topics that you would like brought up, please contact your local rep or one of the officers. Or, i guess you could even bring up the topic on line here.

Problems in Oconomowoc04/07/14

I have just gotten off of the phone with the chief of police in Oconomowoc. they are having issues with individuals dumping fish along the side of a road. he understands that the chances that it is one of our members is remote, but wanted to get the word out/
the first occurance was about a week ago along Lang Road (a dead end road).
the second was on McMahon road near Pennsylvania Street sometime Saturday night.
These two spots are very close to one another. I am not familiar with the area, but Ashippun Lake and the Rock river are fairly close (not sure if either are shootable). I am going under the assumption that the person(s) responsible live somewhat close to that area since they were dumped that close together and they are not WBA members (since none of our members would be so foolish to do that).
Along with an angry farmer and some irritated residents, they have also had to call out a very angry city crew with a front end loader and dump truck to remove the fish.
So, i am asking those members in the area to please keep an eye out and bring this up if you see guys out shooting. Not only will they be nailed with littereing, but a hefty restitution fee for the clean-up also. If you would happen see someone dumping, call the police and turn them in. there is zero tolerance for people like this.

Membership button02/04/14

Well, the new Paypal subscription has been added to the membership page. So, if anyone hasn't become a member for this yeear yet and wants to be the sacrificial lamb.....