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2016 Annual Meeting11/13/15

Well folks, it's getting to be about that time. We are in the process of looking into getting the bow club in Adams for the annual meeting again, sometime around second weekend of January. If things work out and it's ok with the club, I think a "Bowfishing" shoot-out would be a fun thing. So, if there are items that you would like added to the agenda, changes/challenges to the current officers, or anything else that you would like brought up, feel free to post it up here and we can get a lively discussion going.
I can tell you already that end of April and the entire month of May is going to be hectic. I think that there is a tournament nearly every weekend.
Please keep in mind, any changes to the normal tournament formats need to be completely planned out down to the smallest detail. Propose you idea the way that you want it to be and then we will vote on it as presented.

2015 Tournament Results04/27/15

This topic is specific to Tournament Results for this year. Only results will be posted here. If you have comments on any of these tournaments, please post them in the topic dedicated to that particular tournament.

Secretary - WBA

Website Administrators04/27/15

anyone have any experience being a web admin? Looking for a new one......

Team of the Year Rosters04/23/15

From the annual meeting:

Team Rosters with up to 4 team members will be required to qualify for Team of the Year consideration.
The boat's captain will need to be identified on the roster. During a tournament a minimum of 2 team members from the roster need to shoot for the captain's team to qualify for tournament points. Alternate shooters, not on the roster, can make up the remaining 2 spots at any given tournament.

I would like to get the roster sheet started. I'll be collecting this information at the tournaments as well, but if you have the names of the 4 people for your roster I would like to start getting them as soon as possible.

Here's my example:
Team Obscure Adventures: Captain Pete Gregoire, Tony Denboer, Jamie Stuart, Jared Shaw