Hello, my name is Jeb Verhalen, I am the new Wisconsin Bowfishing Association President. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and have been an avid outdoorsman my whole life and bow fisherman for over 25 years. I have been involved with the WBA for about 16 years and was introduced to this sport of night time bowfishing by Matt Harris back in 2000.

​I have bought and modified multiple bowfishing boats to date, including fan boats and troller rigs and have built a couple from scratch until I ended up with my current rig a 20×72 tunnel hull plate boat with pods and LED lights.

I am looking forward to the upcoming WBA tournament series and seeing old friends and new faces. Along with the WBA tournaments there are quite a few other tournaments being put on in Wisconsin this year. I hope to see everyone out there.

I would like to continue the promotion of our sport and sportsmanship along with grow our club and our tournaments. Any and all suggestions and help with this is always appreciated.

If anyone ever has a question, concern or a complaint please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me anytime.

Thank you

Jeb Verhalen

WBA President