After a lot of work by a few WBA members, a new law was passed in the Wisconsin state legislature. Basically the new law stated that if bowfishing is allowed on a body of water during the day it will also be allowed at night. Please check the WDNR Netting and Spearing Regulations as some areas still restrict bowfishing.

A big thank you to all of the members that helped get this bill passed.

Please note – The Wisconsin Bowfishing Association asks that you use common sense and courtesy when participating in this activity.

Some recommendations that we ask of you are:

  • Contact the warden in the area where you planning on shooting and let him know what you are doing.
  • Keep away from public & populated areas. The less people that you encounter, the less disturbance you’ll make.
  • Stay off of heavily populated lakes such as Lake Geneva & Delavan lakes. There isn’t much lake available that doesn’t have a house perched upon it.

Please consider what is asked here, and help keep this a popular and prosperous sport!